Awards & Prizes

For each of the categories, we will select an individual winner as well as a shortlist of runners up.
As a winner, you will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to premiere your film on

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1. Best Feature Film(English)
2. Best Feature Film (Other Language)
3. Best Indie Feature Film(English)
4. Best Indie Feature Film(Other Language)
5. Best Documentary Film(English)
6. Best Documentary Film (Other Language)
7. Best Short Film (English)
8. Best Short Film (Other Language)
9. Best Student Film (English)
10. Best Student Film (Other Language)

1. Best Director, Feature Film
2. Best Director, Feature Film (Other Language)
2. Best Director, Indie Feature Film
4. Best Director, Indie Feature Film(Other Language)
5. Best Director, Documentary Film
6. Best Director, Documentary Film(Other Language)
7. Best Director, Short Film
8. Best Director, Short Film (Other Language)
9. Best, First Time Director (Short Film)
10. Best, First Time Director (Feature)
11. Best, Director Student Film(English)
12. Best, Director Student Film(Other Language)
13. Best Web Series (English)
14. Best Director, Web Series (English)
15. Best Web Series (Other Language)
16. Best Director, Web Series (Other Language)

1. Best Actor(Male), Short Film
2. Best Actor(Male), Feature Film
3. Best Actor(Female), Short Film
4. Best Actor(Female), Feature Film

1. Best Cinematography(Short Film)
2. Best Cinematography, Short Film(Other Language)
3. Best Cinematography(Feature Film)
4. Best, Editing(Short Film)
5. Best Editing Short Film(Other Language)
6. Best Editing (Feature Film)
7. Best Sound Design (Short Film)
8. Best Sound Design(Feature Film)
9. Best Visual Effects (Short Film)
10. Best Visual Effects (Feature Film)
11. Best Screenplay (Feature Film)
12. Best Screenplay (Short Film)

1. Best Music Album (English)
2.. Best Music Album (Other Language)
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