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Frequently Asked Questions

Photos, posters, trailers and press kits for the films will be available to download from the Film Press Materials/Kit as the Festival draws nearer.

In terms of photos of the event itself, the Festival only has the right to use (and not the right to assign) the photos it publishes online and in print. Please contact the national and international photography agencies (AFP, AP, Reuters, etc.) responsible for coverage of the event directly.

You will be able to access the Festival Press Materials/Kit . This contains all downloadable for the edition: the official poster, elements from the edition-specific charter, the press kit, a list of the edition’s press agents and press screening times.

Yes. When you register using the online form, you’ll be asked to enter information for your primary media outlet as well as information concerning any secondary media outlet(s) you may have. If your work spans several roles, please specify your main job description, as the Press Office doesn’t issue double accreditations.

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