Breaking all stereotypes, MKIFF mission is to present quality films from around the world as well as support, recognize and honour indie film makers..

Year after year, the MKIFF continues to attract attention and acclaim within the film industry, drawing filmmakers and audiences alike from around the world. As it evolves and grows, the festival remains steadfast in its mission to celebrate the power of cinema to illuminate, inspire, and provoke thought. With each edition, the MKIFF reaffirms its status as a vital forum for the exchange of ideas and the celebration of artistic achievement in film.


Milton Keynes International Film Festival

The Milton Keynes International Film Festival (MKIFF) has become an annual focal point within the film industry, drawing attention from all quarters. With its dedication to providing a platform for a diverse array of voices and talents, the festival has emerged as a beacon for cinematic excellence. By offering space for films that reflect a wide range of perspectives and sensibilities, the MKIFF has fostered an environment where creativity can flourish.


The "Milton Keynes International Film Festival" sounds like an exciting initiative aimed at fostering creativity and supporting the film industry. By gathering various schemes under one umbrella, the festival demonstrates a commitment to nurturing new discoveries and providing opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work.

MKIFF commits itself to introducing audiences to alternative visions of extraordinary diversity.

MKIFF is an international cinema event whose main objective is to enlarge the number of venues and time of screening of European and non-European films of all genres and durations in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom as well as it is considered to be an event to develop new audiences around the country, combining film screenings with public debates and approaching new and an increased Film Audience and focusing also on Film equally applicable to home-grown film making…

Milton Keynes International Film Festival

Cinema is a powerful medium for sharing stories and experiences. The festival can facilitate dialogue and cultural exchange by showcasing diverse perspectives and encouraging collaboration among filmmakers from different backgrounds.

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    Photos, posters, trailers and press kits for the films will be available to download from the Film Press Materials/Kit as the Festival draws nearer.

    In terms of photos of the event itself, the Festival only has the right to use (and not the right to assign) the photos it publishes online and in print. Please contact the national and international photography agencies (AFP, AP, Reuters, etc.) responsible for coverage of the event directly.

    You will be able to access the Festival Press Materials/Kit . This contains all downloadable for the edition: the official poster, elements from the edition-specific charter, the press kit, a list of the edition’s press agents and press screening times.

    Yes. When you register using the online form, you’ll be asked to enter information for your primary media outlet as well as information concerning any secondary media outlet(s) you may have. If your work spans several roles, please specify your main job description, as the Press Office doesn’t issue double accreditations.